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Snail Bullet Trap

My good friend in Alaska wanted a bullet trap for his ranch to prevent lead contamination of his land.  So after some research, the snail type bullet trap plans shown below were created.  My friend then bought steel, and welded up the example shown in the pictures.  The snail worked well for handguns, but rifle rounds put some holes into the 1/4" sheet steel funnel area, and a heavier version needs to be made for rifle shooting.  My friend in Alaska has been the only person I know of to make a snail bullet trap from these plans.  When a design is this big, and materials are expensive, I think it is a good idea to make a 1/8" scale model from cardboard or balsa wood to check dimensions and design details. 

These plans are free for non-commercial use and are offered with no warranty or other claims expressed or implied.  Ken Reed, 05/12/2000.

Basic snail tack welded together, ready for some serious welding to begin.

Closer view.


Copyright 2000 - 2006, Ken Reed