Current Board of Directors

Aaron Goodfellow President
Bruce Bates Vice-President
Neill Goodfellow Secretary
Dottie Neher Treasurer
Larry Parkes Director
John Kemmerle Director
Charles Franks Director
Steve Leonard Director
Larry Lee Director
Jim Shake Director
Gary Lies Director
Mike Wirth Director
Jim Hicks Director
Brian Kohagen Director
  Kevin Campbell   Director


Board Members

 Aaron Goodfellow, President
Term Expires: 2015

Parma Rod and Gun Club Affiliation: First visit to Ranch in 1976
Initial Attraction: Massive swarms of mayflies hitting 1972 Volkswagon windshield—had to stop and fish.
Current Residence: Middleton, WA with wife four children.
Occupation: Retired Box Chain Manager, and Gun Smith
Education: BSU Business Degree
Parma Favorite: 3 Gun Shooting
Other Interests: Pistol, USPSA, Long Range Shooting, competing with family


NRA Affiliated Club

Gun Owners of America

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