What is IDPA?        

IDPA is a Safe and Fun shooting sport where practical defensive equipment is used in simulated self defense scenarios. The shooter must shoot the bad guy targets, and save the good guys. Shooting stages are timed and the time is adjusted for the accuracy of the hits on the targets. 

Who May Shoot?

We welcome all shooters who may legally bear arms, and do it safely. We fully expect that those shooters will accept the greater responsibility that accompanies going armed. We are peaceful, law-abiding and civil, as befits an armed society. We are however, not pacifists and have chosen to assume responsibility for our personal safety, owning and shooting firearms.

We especially encourage the participation of law enforcement officers, who may shoot with either concealed or duty gear.
We will not accommodate those who wish to use skills acquired through our matches for criminal intent, or those that do not take safety seriously.

Why Shoot IDPA Matches?

Within the Parma Rod & Gun Club IDPA matches, we attempt to provide a forum and opportunity for legally armed citizens to practice potentially life-saving defensive shooting skills. Besides, it is fun!!!

You will be challenged to shoot scenarios, many taken from actual armed confrontations, that are intended to be as realistic as possible. You will be challenged to shoot standardized exercises which will test elements of skilled gun handling and marksmanship. You will shoot under the stress of time and accuracy pressure. You will learn to shoot safely and responsibly. We hope you will take away new skills and insights every time you shoot with us.

You will be able to get together with responsible, like-minded individuals who have decided to assume primary responsibility for their personal safety. You will be able to learn from shooters of varied backgrounds and we hope share some of your knowledge, experiences and skills with us.
See how you can get started in shooting IDPA matches.

Why come out to Parma?

The Parma Rod & Gun Club is a Friendly, Safe and Fun place where the new shooter and experienced shooter are encouraged and welcomed. You will find good practice, challenging IDPA matches, and best of all friendly helpful people everywhere.

What about IDPA Matches and Training?

During the series of matches you will be introduced to and have the opportunity to practice:

  • Safe gun handling 
  • The draw of the pistol from a holster, and from concealment 
  • Precision shooting, single and multiple shots 
  • Multiple target acquisition and identification 
  • Choosing tactical sequence for threat targets 
  • Close quarter shooting 
  • Distance shooting 
  • Reaction times under varying conditions 
  • Safe gun handling 
  • Reloading; empty gun reloads and top off the gun reloads 
  • Pistol malfunction clearance methods 
  • Seeking and shooting from cover 
  • Shooting from different positions 
  • Shooting on the move 
  • Shooting under stress, mental and physical 
  • Low-light shooting 
  • Did I mention safe gun handling?

We do wish to make it clear that participating in IDPA matches will not by itself provide a regimen of training in defensive pistolcraft. A formal course of training at one of the many recognized schools should be considered a must for the serious student. You will however learn to layer skill upon skill through the series of matches and we hope you will practice them at a convenient range and using dry practice at your home.

IDPA Rules:


Membership and Fees:

IDPA Headquarters allows new shooters to shoot one match before becoming an IDPA member.  As an affiliated IDPA club Parma Rod & Gun Club will of course adhere to this requirement.

We also hope you will choose to join the Parma Rod & Gun Club to take advantage of our range and shooting pits.  Membership in Parma Rod & Gun Club is not required to participate in IDPA matches or practice sessions. Members and non-members will be asked to pay a $10.00 range fee for IDPA matches, and $5.00 to shoot a side match.  Those attending a practice session will be asked to pay a $5.00 range fee per session.

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The 4 Laws of Gun Safety

  1. The Gun Is Always Loaded!
  2. Never Point A Gun At Something You're Not Prepared To Destroy!
  3. Always Be Sure Of Your Target And What Is Behind It!
  4. Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are On The Target!


NRA Affiliated Club

Gun Owners of America

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